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Preschool department

The preschool
department has a large playroom with a whole variety of toys and equipment. Including a tool bench, a dolls house, a home corner, lego, cars, animals, shapes dressing up clothes etc.

During free play sessions the children are encouraged to share and play independently and within a group, they are encouraged to respect each others thoughts and ideas and treat the various equipment with care, and with the guidance yet not interference from the qualified staff, the children will feel free to develop at their own rate. There is also a book corner with a variety of books, which are changed once a term when the mobile library visits. The children are involved in choosing new books and are encouraged to use them with respect and correctly.

We also have a second playroom where the children are able to experiment with weighing scales, magnifying glasses, pouring equipment, scoops etc and a whole variety of dried foods. There is also mathematical equipment, which encourages sorting, size and colour recognition etc. There is a dedicated area for writing and use of the computer.

This room also provides a messy area where the children can express themselves through a whole variety of art, craft and messy activities including water play, sand play, creative materials, clay, play dough, glue, paint, scissors, crayons, pencils and paper etc.

Meal times are an important time allowing children to sit together in an informal yet sensible manner, chatting between themselves and with staff about various events. We encourage children to think about their manners and to be independent at these times as well i.e. helping to set up, pouring their own drinks, sharing out fruit etc.

The nursery provides a varied, well-structured and carefully planned timetable taking into account the needs of the full time child as well as the needs of the part time child. We work in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidance and ensure that this is all incorporated in our planning of the timetable. The areas of learning are:-

Prime Areas
Personal Social and Emotional Development
Physical Development
Communication and Language

Specific Areas
Understanding the World
Expressive Arts and Design

Every child has their own key worker, and at various times during the week will work with them and children of their own age for more structured activities.
An example of various projects we cover are the sea-side, the weather, different countries and cultures, transport, people who help us, wild animals, insects, growing things etc. Every project is planned well in advance and will include all seven areas of learning. The following is just a sample of some of the activities your child will be able to participate in:-

  • listening games
  • memory games
  • sorting games
  • pre-maths
  • numbers
  • clay modeling
  • cutting and sticking
  • water experiments
  • letters
  • phonics
  • pre-reading
  • reading
  • sentence making
  • play dough
  • junk modeling
  • music & movement
  • pre-writing
  • writing
  • cookery
  • drama
  • walks & outings
  • bubble painting
  • blow painting
  • needle work

During free flow play the staff will organise a few activities that the children may or may not want to involve themselves in. Otherwise they are free to independently choose the room they would like to be in, the equipment they would like to use, or an activity they would like to do.

The children enjoy sitting together for stories, singing and rhymes. They also enjoy these times to tell the group and us about their experiences and their family etc. It is also a time for us to discuss various subjects with the children. We may also use the opportunity to discuss children and families of other cultures using stories and pictures.

Key Facts

  • Staff Ratios are 1:4 for 2-3 year olds and 1:8 for over 3s
  • Meal Times - Lunch is available from 12:00 noon
  • Tea is available from 3.45pm
  • Snacks will be given mid morning and mid afternoon.
  • Water and Milk is available throughout the day for all children.



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